Fly fishing for Carp has been a favorite activity amongst guides and industry professionals for years, and is now regarded as one of the elite fly fishing challenges in the world. Considered the smartest of all freshwater fish (and most beautiful if you ask us :) ), Carp are a challenging species to purse with a fly rod, and are revered as one of the ultimate freshwater species to land on a fly.

Carping is a true test of an anglers ability. Carp have incredible vision and one of the keenest senses to their surroundings. Anglers must execute everything perfectly for a Carp to take a fly. Once hooked, Carp are nothing short of an underwater missile ready to scream your drag and put you to your backing.

Arizona's warm desert climates are the ideal breading grounds for great Carp fishing excursions. With more than a dozen different species of Carp and Koi, and hundreds of waterways throughout the Phoenix valley, Arizona is the Mecca of Carp on the fly opportunities.

Most Carping is done on light weight gear, 4-6 weight rods and 6x-7x tippet. Some bigger water requires beefing up the stick to an 8-9 weight rod to help pull the fish from obstacles. Almost all fishing is done by sight, meaning you're hunting and seeing the fish before ever making a cast. This is extremely exciting fishing, and will have your blood pumping hard. Carping is also a fantastic excursion for beginner salt water anglers. Testing and building your skills against Carp is a great way to prepare for bonefish, snook or any other shallow water flats game fish. Due to the nature and technical aspects in dealing with hooking and landing these fish on a fly rod, we recommend this adventure for intermediate to advanced anglers only. Our guides are the best in the business at putting our clients on fish and opening the exciting world of Carping to our clients, but they're not God's (although some think they are). Anglers should have a certain fly fishing base before attempting this adventure.

As with all of our guided trips, all the gear and equipment needed will be provided. Our in-town urban trips fish a variety of ponds, lakes and canals within the Phoenix/Scottsdale city limits and are walking trips, and we do recommend being in decent shape to walk around the shorelines. You will not need waders or boots for this trip. Our big water trips on Lake Pleasant and Canyon Lake fish from 21 foot Ranger Bass Boats or 24 foot Ranger Bay Boats so there is plenty of room for casting.

*All outfitter customers will receive a 10% off discount card for use on any gear rentals or purchases from our store and on-line store.

Half Day In-Town/Urban Waters:
$275.00 up to 2 people

Full Day In-Town/Urban Waters:

$395.00 up to 2 people

Half Day Big Water:

$325.00 up to 2 people, $75.00 for 3rd person

Full Day Big Water:
$450.00 up to 2 people, $100 for 3rd person